medrubb industries,kolkata
Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Importer
Primary Competitive Advantages Our Product of Medical Equipments Primary Competitive advantage of Price which is very Competitive for every reasons on given conditions.
Sales Volume 35 Lakhs
No of Staff 12+8
Year of Establishment 1986
Export Markets All over world.
Investment on Manufacturing Equipment 20 Lakhs
Production Type Medical Equipments
Monthly Production Capacity As per Customers Requirements
Product Range Anaesthesia Machine, Anaesthesia Rubber Breathing Components, Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment

Our Product Range

We are the manufacturer, exporter and importer of the following products used in Medical Equipments Anaesthesia Apparatus(Boyle's Table) for Anaesthesia purposes in Operation Theaters are:

Anaesthesia Apparatus(Boyle's Machine)
Anaesthesia Rubber Goods
Medical Gas Pipeline Equipments & Oxygen Therapy
  • Anti static Reservoir Bag or Bag Rebreathing
  • The Anti static Face Piece or Face Mask.
  • The Anti static Breathing Tube or Corrugated Tube.
  • The Anti static Head Harness
  • Ring Sealing
  • Seal Centre
  • Pad Buffer Cylinder
  • Different types of Diaphragm
  • Seal Bodak
  • Seat valve Neoprene / Viton
  • Sleeve Viton
  • Pad Rubber Bottom and Pad Buffer cylinder
  • Antistatic Tyre for Castor wheel.
  • Seamless Rubber Bellow for Ventilator and foot suction machine
  • Self sealing Value
  • Single Pipe line Adapter
  • Twin Pipe line Adapter
  • BPC Flowmeter (metal/plastic)
  • MOX Regulator (single/ double)
  • Metal Jacketed Flowmeter
  • IOX 14 Regulator
  • Polycarbonate Humidifier bottle


Our main associated companies are:

  • DATEX India Pvt Ltd.
  • BOC India Ltd.
  • ESAB India Ltd.
  • Anesthetics Bombay
  • Premier Medical System and Devices Pvt. Ltd.
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